Judging and Awards Ceremony – This Saturday, 6/9

We’re almost there!  Judging on Saturday at the Corner Brewery, and then the awards ceremony will follow immediately afterward in the biergarten.  We expect to start at 6pm.  Just head back and look for our designated area.  If you entered a beer, mead, or cider in the competition, and you attend the ceremony, you’ll get a raffle ticket for a chance to get some cool stuff!  Look for a Brews Crews staffer with a roll of raffle tickets.

Check our Sponsors page for some clues as to what you might find in the raffle .  Please do spend a minute checking out our sponsors – they have really stepped up with some cool goods and services that help make this whole thing possible.

Weather’s looking pretty good for an outdoor ceremony.  Let’s hope I didn’t just now jinx it – oops!

See you Saturday!

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